20 February 2014


As a fashion student, Fashion Week is always a really exciting time. As you probably know, the AW14-15 shows are going on at the moment. So I thought I'd show some of my favourite collections from each city's shows.

I never really seem to get into New York Fashion Week as much as a lot of my favourite designers are featured in Milan or Paris. However I was really impressed with this season's collections. A lot of the common trends are totally my style and I think the sleek, tailored look is definitely huge. Also, the colour palette that came through of dusty pinks, crisp white and all black outfits really appeal to me and the simplicity of some of the collections really caught my eye.

Victoria Beckham
I love the simplicity of the masculine structured looks with feminine touches in a beautiful monochrome palette.

Ralph Lauren
From gorgeous 20's dresses to all white tailored outfits, Ralph Lauren are on top at the moment.

The gorgeous gold and royal blue silk give the collection a rich luxurious vibe with and edge of black lace.

Oscar de la Renta
The 1920s are shining through in these beautiful neutral palette dresses.

Diesel Black Gold
I love the contrast between the different textures on the all black outfits mixed with the bold metallic silver.

Rebecca Taylor
A much more casual collection, masculine shapes and cooler colours give a more relaxed vibe.

The gorgeous dusty pink colour is again show, in a much more feminine display.

It's all about glamour - feathers, fur and sparkles. I love the mix of glamour and casual in this collection.

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