26 November 2017


Hey dolls,

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! Gone are the days of being excited over birthdays, I'm actually a little bit mortified that I am now 23. I don't know, it just sounds a little bit more adult than 22 doesn't it?! Anyway, I thought to mark the occasion I would do a little bit of a 'life lessons' post of 23 of the most important things I have learnt in my 23 years on the planet.

1) You can't control everything. 
Yes, you may want to, but you can't. And trying to control everything will only make you miserable. Relax, take and step back and let it be.

2) Let toxic people go.
Honestly, I get it, it's so hard to. But if something isn't feeling right, let them go. You won't realise until you have how toxic they were to your life.

3) It's okay to want to change yourself.
We always tell people they should be happy with how they are, but I think it's also completely fine to want to change yourself. If you want to lose weight, do it. If you want new lips/boobs/nose, do it. Improving yourself can never be a bad thing.

4) It's never too late to start something new.
"I can't start a new course and go into a new job now, I'm too old" is totally not a thing. It's never too late. If you want to start learning a new language at 80 years old, why not?!

5) Nobody is perfect.
Literally. Nobody's perfect. Not you, not anyone on Instagram, not even Kendall Jenner.

6) You don't have to grow up too fast. 
Approaching my mid twenties, I am constantly feeling as if I should be 'growing up'. You know, settling down, starting a family, getting a mortgage. You have years ahead of you to be 'grown up' - just enjoy being young!

7) You can wear whatever the hell you want. 
I'm realising this a lot more lately. There's no written rule to say what you can or can't wear. You don't need to follow trends. Wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable and that's all that matters.

8) It's okay to want to be alone. 
For ages I've been told that I can be unsociable or a loner. So what?! If you want a night in alone by yourself, go for it! You don't need to be social butterfly all of the time. Alone time is really important.

9) You need to tell your loved ones that you love them a lot more. 
You never know what's around the corner. Telling someone you love them doesn't cost anything. You never know when you might not be able to tell them anymore.

10) Crying is not showing weakness. 
Showing your emotions does not make you weak. Being a robot will not get you anywhere in life. It's okay to open up and having a good cry sometimes can make you feel a million times better.

11) You should always stand up for what you believe in. 
This is just a given isn't it? Regardless of what it is, always stay true to yourself and stand up for your own beliefs. No one can ever tell you what you can or can't think.

12) You can't trust everyone. 
We've all been there haven't we? Trusted someone who ended up stabbing us in the back? Don't trust too easily as you'll end up getting hurt. That being said, don't punish those that earn your trust either. Some people really are genuine.

13) If you need help, ask for it. 
Sometimes, if you're struggling, you need to just swallow your pride and ask for help. Whether that be financially, mentally, anything - there are people that are there for you and you never have to struggle by yourself.

14) Social media will ruin your life.
This one's a little bit touchy, maybe? How people portray themselves online is certainly not how they are in real life. You may think that girl you knew in high school has the perfect life now but in reality, it's more than likely all false. Don't believe everything you see and more importantly don't compare yourself. Instagram life is not real life.

15) Being in love is the best and worst feeling in the world.
100%. Being so in love with someone can make you feel like you are on cloud nine. But it can also be the most painful thing you'll ever experience.

16) Nothing worth having comes easy.
A good life will not just come to you. Don't sit around on your ass waiting for your fortune to come because it won't. You need to work hard to get the things you really want in life, in every aspect.

17) Sometimes you are going to need to do things you don't want to do. 
Just accept it. Nobody wants to take the bins out. Nobody wants to go to the dentist. Nobody wants to spend most of their wages on bills. But we have to do it. And ignoring these things won't get you anymore.

18) Being hateful makes you ugly. 
It really does. This is something I've only just learnt to accept. What is the point in being hateful? Not only does it turn you into a horrible person, but it will also make you miserable.

19) You really shouldn't give a damn what people think about you. 
Easier said than done, right? This is something that I am fully aware of but don't think I have fully grasped yet. The only opinion you should care about is your own. As long as you are happy, forget everyone else.

20) It's okay to be different. 
If you don't want to follow the crowds, that's completely fine! You don't need to 'fit in'. You'll be so much happier once you realise this.

21) Everything happens for a reason.
I truly believe this. When bad things happen to you, I genuinely think it's because other good things are around the corner. I really do. If you get that into your mind, it makes even the worst situations that little bit more bearable.

22) You need to be selfish sometimes. 
As much as we promote kindness, we also need to be kind to ourselves. Being a little bit selfish and doing things for YOU is just as important as doing things for others.

23) It's okay not to know who you are.
I always remember watching Step Up 2 as a kid, and there's a line in which the main girl says "My mum always told me to be myself, and I never understood how I could be anyone else. But now I don't know how to be myself" (something along the lines of that anyway!) and honestly it has resonated with me so much. We are constantly being told to just 'be ourselves' but what if we don't know who we are? It's okay to always be discovering who you are. Do not become somebody else. You'll get there eventually.

So there's my (not so little) rambly post. I'm off to enjoy the rest of my birthday with the people that I love and here's to another year!

Much love,

Kerry x


  1. Happy belated birthday! I loved reading this because I learned a lot of this by 23 as well, especially letting toxic people go! It's easier to realize who is toxic as you get older and we ain't got time for those people hahaha.

    1. Thank you! Yeah definitely! You never realise how bad they were until you're free of them!! xx

  2. These are all beautiful thoughts! And happy birthday!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | DIY & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Happy late birthday, I hope you enjoyed your day! Totally agree with all of this xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush