9 November 2017


Hey dolls,

Today I thought I would do a little bit of a 'wishlist' post. With winter coming up, all I want to buy is snuggly warm cosy coats. And so here we have my favourite top picks that I've found so far this season. Hopefully this will give you a little bit of inspiration if you too are looking for a lovely new coat for this year! A lot of shops at the moment also have great discounts on coats so definitely make the most of that! A decent warm and stylish coat doesn't have to break the bank!

Fuchsia Fur Coat, Pretty Little Thing, £75 - click here
This coat is from the Kourtney Kardashian collection for Pretty Little Thing and OMG how gorgeous is it?! It's perfect for a special occasion where you want to be the centre of attention and isn't too highly priced for a faux far coat! This also comes in a stunning lime green colour too for the slightly more daring of you!

Veronica Beige Oversize Waterfall Coat, Pretty Little Thing, £25 - click here
This coat is giving me serious Kim K vibes! You can't go wrong with a simple but effortless camel colour waterfall coat - you can wear it with anything! These come in literally every colour and they're just so easy to throw on.

Mara Black Padded Jacket, Pretty Little Thing, £35 - click here
I used to have a coat just like this a couple of years ago and I really wish I still had one! It's perfect for when you want something that is simple and understated but will keep you warm. I usually love leather jackets but when they're not ideal when it's below freezing outside!

Black Formal Coat With Pink Fur Collar & Cuff, Missguided, £65 - click here
How pretty is this?! I don't think I've seen anything like this on the high street. It is so simple elegant but with a really pretty and delicate twist. I love anything pink and fluffy but I don't always like super bold fashion and so to have something like this in my wardrobe will be perfect.

Elizabeth Boutique Mix Faux Fur Belted Coat, Boohoo, £45 - click here
This looks soooo super cosy doesn't it?! I hate being cold and so love to wrap up in fluffy coats and this one looks gorgeous! I love the nudey pink colour as well - very on trend this season!

Petite Georgina Faux Fur Lined Aviator Coat, Boohoo, £45 - click here
This coat is stunning! I absolutely love the deep emerald green faux fur accents. I feel like it's such a gorgeous pop of colour without being too overwhelming. I don't think I've seen any other coats with this colouring on the hughstreet, and so at £45 this is a absolute bargain!

Pink Oversized Boucle Coat, Missguided, £65 - click here
I love these kind of oversized coats and have a couple in my wardrobe. You can throw on any outfit underneath and hide all cosy inside. I love this colour in particular. I like pastel and brighter colours in the winter to brighten up those dull cloudy days. They also have a lovely mustard colour which is so autumnal!

Nisha Faux Fur Cuff And Collar Parka, Boohoo, £60 - click here
Can you tell I love faux fur? This I would say would be my typical everyday coat. Warm, waterproof(ish) and so easy to wear. You can pick up a coat like this anywhere on the highstreet and they can all have different fits and styles. I love ones with the drawstring to pull you in at the middle and give you a lovely shape.

I hope this gave you some kind of inspiration if you are looking to buy a new winter coat at the moment! As always, let me know what you guys think and if there's any posts that you would like to see!

Much love,

Kerry x


  1. I love the pink oversized boucle coat from Misguided. I have an eye on a similar one on Zalando :)


    1. They're just so cosy aren't they haha, you can't really go wrong with throwing one on. I haven't heard of Zalando, I'll have to check it out x

  2. Some of them are my dream coats, but definetely not for Ukrainian winter. More like autumn / spring coats.

    1. Yeah I guess we're pretty lucky in the UK, where the coldest it gets is really about zero degrees haha x

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