13 November 2017


Hey dolls, 

In honour of World Kindness Day, I thought I would just a quick little post and have a little chat with you guys. I feel like the past few months I have really become more aware of how important it is to be just a nicer and kinder person all around. Being kind to other people not only makes other people happier, but makes you feel so much happier. I have had a lot of issues within myself in the past and this had made me very hateful towards other people and you know, looking back, that's the most awful feeling in the world. What's the point in wasting your energy hating someone?! At the end of the day, we are all the same. We are people with thoughts and feelings and it's just important to remember that. I honestly get so much more of a kick out of knowing I've done something nice for someone and made them smile than knowing I've been an asshole to someone! You never know what people have going on in their minds and even the smallest mean comment can really affect someone. If everyone in the world could just be kind to each other and to themselves, what an amazing and wonderful world it would be!

Here's a few little acts of kindness you can do, that takes practically no effort at all but can really brighten someone's day!

Isn't in awful when you walk past a stranger and they just glare at you?! Next time, just smile. I always make an effort to smile at people I walk past or make eye contact with and I love it when people smile back. Just a tiny simple gesture could really make someone feel better.

For someone who's maybe feeling a bit down about themselves, a comment on social media complimenting them can give such a huge confidence boost. Who knows, you might even end up chatting and becoming friends! 

We all have those friends who we've just lost touch with. Sometimes, you just grow apart from people who used to mean so much to you. Reach out, say hello, and you never know what will happen!

Do you really need that loose change in your purse? Next time you're at the till and you're handed back 40p, pop it into the charity pot. Imagine how much would be raised if everyone did that?! You don't have to give away the big bucks to be able to help charities. 

Something as small as a 'good morning, hope you have a lovely day' text message can really make someone's day and make them smile. Just a little something to let someone you love know you're thinking of them. You can't beat that!

With all the good deeds you do, don't forget yourself! Have a relaxing bath, stick on your favourite movie or treat yourself to that palette you've been wanting. Self love is so important to being the best you that you can be!

Happy World Kindness Day, lovelies! I hope this post has made you feel just that little bit nicer inside! Remember, you don't have to be elaborate. Smaller gestures can mean just as much!

Much love,
Kerry x


  1. This is such a sweet post! We can never show enough kindness :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Lovely post! I always try to smile at random people on the street, mostly I just love watching their reactions, it's pretty funny sometimes.

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  3. definitely gonna do one of those tomorrow!