25 November 2017


Hey dolls,

You have no idea how excited I am to be making this post!! Earlier this month, my parents went on a trip the USA and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask them to bring back some American beauty bits! I am still SO gutted that we don't have Sephora in the UK (come on Sephora, you know you want to!!). I asked them for a couple of things we don't have over here, and a couple of things that are just a lot cheaper across the Atlantic! I have started to try some products out so I'll also let you know what I thought of them.

Sephora Sugarcoated Lipgloss Set
I have never tried Sephora branded makeup before and so wanted to try out some lipglosses. I think is one of their Christmas gift sets. I have used a couple of the colours and really like them! They're really pigmented on the lips and aren't sticky or too thick.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glo Foundation
I don't believe we yet have this foundation in the UK and saw a few bloggers talking about it. I haven't properly tried this foundation yet, but it does seem a tiny too dark for me so will wear it when I can be bothered to fake tan! It's really runny and proper glowy so amazing if you like that. I don't know how long-wearing it is though as I haven't worn it out, however I have a feeling that it won't work too well for oily skin.

NYX Butter Gloss - Angel Food Cake
Okay so we definitely have butter glosses in the UK but I've never seen this shade in my local Boots. They're super cheap in America so thought I'd give it a go! I really really love the colour and the texture. I never wear glosses, but with dry lip season coming thought I'd give some a go.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation
This has very quickly become my all time favourite foundation. The colour matches me perfectly (lucky guess right!!) and it just gives the most gorgeous glowy finish. It is really think when swatched but blends really nicely and gives a very full coverage. Luckily they do Milani products on Beauty Bay so will definitely be ordering more soon!

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
Yes we can get this in the UK but not very easily! It always seems to be sold out on Cult Beauty so thought I'd put this on my list on the off chance that Sephora would have it. This is the most gorgeous palette ever and I absolutely love it. I'll do a full review post on it but from first impressions, the shades are absolutely stunning.

Colourpop Golden State Of Mind Palette
Colourpop is a complete no-go in the UK and sooooo many people talk about it so I couldn't not give it a go. The brand itself isn't actually sold in stores but they did a palette exclusive for Sephora I believe. Again, I'll do a full review post of this in the next week but OH MY WORD. It's a palette full of glitters/shimmers and it is absolutely stunning, I can't even put into words!

I am so grateful to my mum for picking these products up for me! What are you favourite USA beauty products that you can't find in the UK? Let me know!

Much love,

Kerry x


  1. I love NYX butter glosses- they’re such a great formula and have a really vast selection of shades, too!

    She Likes to Shop

  2. Woooow *___*
    Amazing choice!!! Love them!

    | xoxo Donatella ♥ |

  3. I've been wanting to try that Milani Foundation for ages!! I hope it's good, maybe you could do a review soon? :)