30 December 2017


Hey dolls,

Long time no post! Apologies for that! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! I did have a few Christmas posts planned but if I'm being completely honest with you guys, I wasn't really feeling it. Christmas the year was especially important to me, and I feel like I needed to just enjoy it. With reading blogs and Instagram, I felt like I was getting too caught up in trying to make the perfect 'Insta Christmas'. This Christmas I wanted to not worry about how photogenic my Christmas dinner table looked, or whether I could get a nice picture of all my wrapping. At the moment I'm so over social media and everything it kind of portrays. No one has perfect lives, despite what they're Instagram feed may make you think! I'm struggling a lot at the moment in myself and so wanted to step away from all that. I went to Winter Wonderland and for the first time wasn't worried about stopping to take the best selfie or whatever. And it ended up being the best Christmas I ever had!

I wanted to make a little post to show some of the lovely gifts that I was very kindly given this Christmas. This is not everything, as I think that would be a little bit over the top! I will say now, Christmas for me is absolutely not about the presents! Christmas for me personally is really special because it is the only time of the year that I get to be with all my family. Even though I'm now 23, I still get super excited about Christmas and still keep some of the traditions we had when I was a kid. Not to mention it's the one day of the year I get to eat my body weight in pigs in blankets! I have been completely and utterly spoiled this year and I honestly could not be anymore grateful. I've never really had a proper boyfriend over the holiday season before so this year I was soooooo excited to go out shopping for things for him! And bless him, he picked the most perfect things for me too!

My boyfriend actually got for me the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit and literally, I am so excited! I haven't had a proper play around with these yet but I can't wait to! Yes and I did put these on my list and no, he doesn't actually know what they are but I am so super grateful anyway!

My boyfriend also got me a whole heap of other pressies, and he even made me a stocking! How adorable! He got me the Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Curling Wand - how gorgeous is this?! I have been banging on about curling my hair for ages and have been borrowing a curler from a friend at work so the fact he got the for me is so cute! I also got some really cute pink pom-pom gloves (I'm ALWAYS moaning about having cold hands!). Fragrance wise, my boyfriend got me the Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy perfume, which smells amazing and sweet and girly, and a Victoria's Secret Glittery body spray (yes, you do get covered in glitter when you spray it!). This marble makeup brush set was also for Christmas - they are so soft and look so pretty in my brush pot! He also very kindly gave me the Soap & Glory Spa of Wonder set, which includes a ton of different products, which I have of course started using already!

In my stocking, my boyfriend filled it with stuff that he knew I needed, like dry shampoo, face wipes, makeup remover, face masks, bath bombs etc and a ton of chocolate! I think it's such a cute idea!! Shows he really does listen to me after all! He also got me stickers of the Monster logo (I'm addicted) and a back scratcher which, not gonna lie, has been the absolute star this year! Anyone who knows me knows that I am forever wanting my back scratched/tickled/stroked so it is perfect!! My boyfriend also got me some really cute fuzzy pyjamas, as well as a really gorgeous pink faux fur coat, thigh high velvet boots and the most beautiful necklace with me starsign constellation on it - all of which I will feature in an outfit post very soon!

From my parents, they very kindly gave me some money, as I am going to Germany in a couple of weeks. Also, they gave me this gorgeous Marc Jacobs Decadence set. I have seen the bottle of this EVERYWHERE and it's gorgeous but I never had a chance to smell it. Oh wow though, it's incredible! Even with just one spray, it's strong enough to fill a room! My parents also gave me some chocolate and bubble bath etc which was so sweet of them considering I am (kind of) a fully grown adult though!

Honestly, the best present by far was the fact that I spent the day surrounded by the people I love most in the world. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who gave me presents, and especially to my parents and my boyfriend who truly made the holidays extra special for me.

Much love,

Kerry xx

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