1 January 2018

2017: My Year In Pictures

Hey dolls,

Can you believe it's 2018 already? I literally can't get my head around how quickly 2017 went! For once, I actually wasn't super happy to see the year end - it's been a really good one! Obviously there have been some down moments but compared to the last few years, it's been my favourite one by far! For today's post I thought it would be fun to look back at my 2017 through photos. When I was looking back and choosing the pictures, I actually got really emotional and sad that the year was ending! I have had some really amazing moments in 2017 and no, not all of them were documented in picture form but I will show what I have! In 2018, I definitely want to start taking more pictures so this time next year I can look back and see my whole year in front of me.

In January last year, I was just starting to get to know Jordan, my now boyfriend. This picture was taken near the beginning on January, when we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset.

I'm usually totally against Valentine's Day, as I just think it's too commercial. However, in 2017 I actually really enjoyed it! Jordan bought me these gorgeous flowers and we went for a meal to celebrate.

In March, I got to go and see The Weekend live at the O2 and it was AMAZING! He is definitely my favourite artist by far and he was really good live.

The night we saw The Weekend, we stayed in London that night and went for a little explore the next day. We went to see all the major touristy sights and I remember it being super hot for March! We did walk miles though!

Before April 2017 I had never been to a farm! We went one weekend with Jordan's family and I got to cuddle a little baby lamb!

In April I also took a trip to Thorpe Park with some friends from work. I'm such an adrenaline junkie and love rollercoasters.

In May, I went on a hen do for the first time ever! My uncle was getting married and so we had a wild day of naked butlers, more wine that I can imagine and a party bus that took us into town!

I got to go a zoo for the first time ever! Although I really don't agree with keeping animals in captivity, I really enjoyed seeing everything and learning about them. We spent the day in London after and went to Camden which was super busy!

At the beginning of June, I went to Goodwood with friends from work for their Three Friday Nights event with racing a DJ (Tinie Tempah if I remember right!). I just can't stay away from the glitter can I!

In June, I went to Wildlife Festival (it's a music festival kind of near me). The whole thing was completely mental! I really love the whole atmosphere of festivals and I'm up for any excuse to throw glitter all over my face. I did however lose everyone, my phone died and I left at 10pm. Hardcore right!

The day after Wildlife was my uncle's wedding (luckily I wasn't too hungover!). It was so cute to see the couple so happy and I was of course more than thrilled to be able to get all glammed up in a pretty dress and drink all day!

Two days after the wedding, Jordan and I jetted off to Tenerife for 10 days. I absolutely love the island and I am such a sun lover! It was so nice to just get away for a while and lay by the pool all day everyday drinking cocktails (all inclusive of course!).

After all the mayhem of June, July was a pretty quiet month. One day I absolutely loved was when Jordan and I took a picnic down to the river in Arundel. I had to climb through thigh high reeds and grass to get to this spot but it was beautiful. It was honestly the hottest day ever and we soon had to leave though!

For the first time, I went to Pride in Brighton! Honestly it was such an amazing day. We went to the festival in Preston Park and I've never experienced anything like it. Everyone was so happy and lovely and it really made me realise what gay people have to go through. The music was amazing as well and it was actually a really emotional thing to go to! Obviously, yep, excuse for glitter too!

In August, my dad took me to see Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge. I've been a few times before and really enjoy the whole atmosphere, even if I don't really know what's going on with the football! The day we went was the hottest day ever and sitting in the stands in the sun for two hours was pretty unbearable!


At the beginning of September, Jordan and I took a trip up to Wales to visit my nan. She took us to Tenby, a really beautiful beach. It was just really nice to escape for a couple of days.

At the beginning of October, I moved into a new flat. I moved out a couple of years ago but my previous flat was really not the best. It was beyond stressful but I'm so happy I made the move!

October obviously means Halloween! I weirdly don't have many pictures, but I did dress up as a unicorn (with glitter on my face - it's an obsession okay!). We went to a party organised by people at work. I had just moved to a new job and new team and so this was the first time I really got to see them outside of work.

I actually went to two firework displays for Bonfire Night in 2017. On the Saturday I went with Jordan's family to a display at Fontwell Racecourse. The display was amazing but we got stuck in the worst traffic on the way there. On the Saturday, we walked down to the beach and watched the fireworks on the pier. We had hot chocolate and donuts and it was honestly one of the loveliest moments.

In November, we had a Great Gatsby themed party (it was our Christmas party, but wasn't near Christmas!). I wore a gorgeous floor length sequin dress and the whole evening was just so much fun!

My birthday was at the end of November and as I had the day off work, Jordan and I took a little trip to Brighton to look around the shops. In the evening, we went for a meal at my favourite Italian restaurant. It was such a lovely, relaxing day.

Mid-December, Jordan and I took a trip to London and visited Harrods and Oxford Street (mainly to just see the Christmas decorations).

In the afternoon, we went to Winter Wonderland. It was AMAZING! We had drinks in the carousel bar, had German Bratwurst for dinner and watched a live German band whilst having some drinks. Honestly such a great day!

In 2017, I actually really enjoyed decorating my new flat for Christmas. I got a new tree and decorations and even made my own baubles! I was going to do a DIY post for the blog but really didn't a chance to get round to doing it.

This picture just sums up my Christmas Day! Full of food and alcohol and surrounded by my crazy family. This Christmas was the best one in such a long time and I appreciated it more than ever. I'm so sad the festive time has now gone but don't worry, I'm on countdown to next year!

I'm really sad to be saying goodbye to 2017 but it gave me so many great memories. I had such a hard time picking these photos as there was soooo many more I wanted to add! I can't wait to see what 2018 has waiting for me!

Much love,

Kerry xx

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