10 April 2018


Hey dolls,

In January, I had a little trip away to Berlin with my boyfriend, and I had every intention of writing a post about it but that didn't happen - oops! Three months on, here I am finally sitting down to do this. We went mid-January so of course, it was FREEZING. I was kind of happy about that though - I'd never been on a city break before! We went on the Friday and came back on the Monday and I think that was just enough time. I'll say it now, I absolutely adored Berlin. Literally. I am completely in love with everything about the city. I can't even explain why I loved it so much but it was just so pretty and chilled and friendly. Everyone we came across was so lovely and I genuinely felt so safe, which I would never say about London or even Brighton.

I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of the hotel we stayed at, but I wish I did because it was incredible. We stayed at the Titanic Chaussee Berlin and I think it was brand new so was very shiny and stylish and felt so luxurious. I'll link it in case any of you are interested!


We had a fairly early flight on the way there (I think about 8am!) so arrived in Berlin around lunchtime (they're an hour ahead of the UK!). One tip if anyone is going to Berlin, arrange some kind of transport from the airport. We got a train which we thought was super simple and easy. It wasn't. We got lost. Once we checked into the hotel, we went for a walk into the city. The tram system in Berlin is a game changer. Seriously! It's so easy, so we just hopped on and off the whole weekend. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where I had the best burger I have ever had in my life. Yep, I'm one of those people that take's pictures of their food - not sorry! I wanted to try somewhere authentic (no McDonalds for this gal!) and found a cute little restaurant.


On Saturday, we explored the city and everything it had to offer. Firstly we visited the Berlin Wall memorial. It was just around the corner from our hotel actually! There's a lot more around the city about the wall so there wasn't an awful lot to see, but there were still pieces of the wall up and the framework of where it used to be. There's also a memorial to all the people that died trying to cross the border and a place where you can interactively learn about what happened, and about the people themselves.

After that, we wandered around the city centre and Alexanderplatz. Let me tell you, this is any shopaholic's DREAM! They even have a Sephora so of course I couldn't contain myself!! The Saturday was incredibly cold so we went down to Museum Island (it's not really an island) and had a look around an Egyptian museum - I can't remember what it's called sorry! Random considering we came for authentic German culture but it was fun!

We didn't go out clubbing or anything whilst we were there. It was way too cold to do anything like that anyway! And I didn't want to spend my weekend away hungover! We did however, find this super fun bar/lounge/restaurant/kinda club place which I obviously loved! I would highly recommend Carambar in Alexanderplatz if you're ever in Berlin. We went for a drink in the after the museum and decided to go back there that night as well. We must have looked proper keen!


One thing I didn't realise about Germany - EVERYTHING SHUTS ON A SUNDAY! Luckily we realised on Saturday and so did all our shopping then (they open until like 10). Sunday we explored the city a lot more and saw some of the famous landmarks. First we visited the Brandenburg Gate. Just in front of the monument were women sat in a circle meditating whilst a guy with a wind-up jukebox played German folk tunes. It was kinda weird, yes, but also kinda cool. The Brandenburg Gate was really cool to see, but it is just a monument isn't it!

Further down the road we came across this huge area of concrete blocks. It's called the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. There is a place where you can go and read all about the memorial and what it represents, but we didn't get a chance to see that. We walked through there and down to Checkpoint Charlie. It was all very rushed - I would've liked to have spent more time looking at everything but there was so much to cram into one day! Checkpoint Charlie was not at all what I expected. It was in the middle of a pretty busy road and legit surrounded by McDonalds on one side and KFC on the other. But, it was great to see if you're into history! There's a big area where you can go and learn about it, but again, we didn't get time to do that.

We booked to go to the Reichstag (the German government building) a couple of days before. If you're wanting to go, be aware that you'll need to register and provide ID and everything before you go. The building was really amazing to see, and when you walk around the dome at the top, you wear a headset telling you all about the history of the building and of Berlin. There's also some really pretty views from the top! It was absolutely freezing though and did get a little bit unbearable!

After that, we went to the Berlin TV Tower. If you're going to go, I would definitely recommend booking in advance as there was a huge wait to go up. The views kinda speak for themselves don't they? We went up at sunset and it was just beautiful! The only downside was that there was so many people fighting to get to the windows! There's a bar and a restaurant up there and I really wish we had booked to go for dinner as it looked amazing! We ended up going for dinner at this really weird but incredible restaurant that looked like the kinda restaurant you'd see on the strip in Tenerife from the outside, but was AMAZING inside. I don't remember what it was called but it was right on the main road outside Alexanderplatz and I would highly recommend it. If you were interested, I'll try and find out!

Like I said, I absolutely adored Berlin and I will definitely be returning one day. I loved the food (seriously, Currywurst is my new obsession) the culture, the people, the shops, the transport - everything. The TV shows were a little bit odd (Google Bernd das Brot - just do it). A huge thank you to my boyfriend Jordan for taking me away - it was so nice to explore and spend time together. I had never been on a city break before this and now I can safely say I am hooked! I can't wait to experience more of what Europe has to offer.

If you've been, please do let me know what your experience was like. And please recommend more places in Germany or Europe to go!

Much love,


(PS: You didn't think I'd forget a cliche window seat clouds shot did you?!)

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